Built with pride

Fine custom home building is far more than the materials and the assembly. Truly great homes reflect the pride of the builder and the soul of the occupants. It doesn’t have to be a palace to be the most important place in someone’s life; but it does have to be warm, healthy and comforting. Your […]

Built on reputation

We have a reputation of unsurpassed quality and exemplary customer service. Premier Custom Builders of Virginia take great pride in the attention to detail that’s put into every home that carries our name. True quality is as much unseen as it is seen, from structural integrity to energy efficiency to quality control. The customer’s overall […]

Our building standards…

Our building standards far exceed minimum state codes which will maximize the long-term affordability of your home. This is where a home built by Premier Custom Builders shines at its best. Because of the high quality products and superior workmanship used to build a Premier Custom Builders home, it is simple inherent that a Premier […]